Financial Aid for Students

Financial Aid Information for Students

Finding scholarships, grants, work study programs, and loans for college can be a daunting task. This guide will walk you through the process and help streamline your search.

Step 1: Research

Start preparing early! Here are some informative outlets to utilize while researching financial aid:

  • High school counselors
  • The financial aid office at the school you plan to attend

Helpful websites:

Step 2: Obtain your student aid

Here is a breakdown of different types of student financial aid and where it comes from.

  • Need-based financial aid: This type of financial aid acts as a supplement to family resources, based on parent or student income. If family income exceeds a certain amount, this type of aid will not be available.
  • Non need-based financial aid: This type of aid is awarded based on academic or athletic achievement, ethnic background, or organization membership. Some corporations may also offer assistance to employees and children.
  • Federal Student Aid: Available to all need-based applicants, some loans and competitive scholarships are available for non need-based applicants.

Most student aid falls into three categories:

  • WORK STUDY: These programs allow students to earn money while enrolled in school.

  • FINANCIAL AID FOR SPECIFIC GROUPS:  Aid is often available t for specific students based on race, ethnicity, disability status, veteran status, and desired study programs.

  • PUBLIC SERVICE: Certain programs will provide aid in exchange for public service.


  • Step 3: Repay your student loans

    So you’ve graduated – Congratulations! Now it is time to repay your financial aid. Thankfully, the federal government can help you. However, eligibility depends upon the type of loan, when it was made, and whether or not it is in default. Check with your loan officer to see where you stand.

  • Federal Tools:

  • Step 4: Additional Information For Parents

    Parents, you can start saving money for college costs long before your child is ready to attend!

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