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In order to strengthen our middle class and create more opportunity for American families, we must eliminate government barriers to growth and empower individuals with the tools needed for success. That’s why I was proud to support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by the House in 2017, and signed into law this year, and am proud to see how this fairer, simpler tax code is helping Illinois.


One of my top priorities as your Congressman is to fight for our nation’s job creators and get America back to work. Small businesses drive the American economy, creating 7 out of every 10 jobs. We need to get the government out of the way and let business do what they do best—innovate and create jobs.


From health care mandates on businesses and families to duplicative regulations on job-creators and energy producers, there is too much government in our lives. The excessive red-tape is hurting our economic growth and our economic position globally. We need to do more than just scale back government; we need to completely rethink and reform our bureaucracy to streamline these regulations to work for Americans in this 21st Century economy.

Republicans in Congress have risen to the challenge.  We used the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to fully repeal 16 job-killing regulations put in place during the final days of the Obama Administration.  Meanwhile, the current administration has been halting, scaling back, and/or repealing nearly 20 regulations for every new regulation added.  By doing so, greater certainty has been restored to businesses across the country, and the results have shown a stronger, more confident economy. 

Tax Reform

We have the most innovative and productive workers in the world; and we were long overdue for a tax structure that worked equally well.  The reforms made in 1986 achieved great things by removing countless deductions, credits, and special interest carve-outs.  Over the next 31 years, the tax code ballooned back into a complicated, unfair system that stifled small business growth and burdened hardworking American families. 

The unfair and overly complicated tax code was unsustainable for both families and businesses, which is why House Republicans made good on their promises to provide tax relief.  I was proud to vote in favor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was signed into law in December 2017.  Since enactment, we have seen our economy take off.  Please visit my Tax Reform issue page to learn more about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is helping Illinois grow.


The United States is blessed with abundant natural resources, and, recently, new technology has made energy-production safer and more environmentally-friendly than ever before. Taking advantage of these resources will lower energy costs for families and businesses, increase our energy security, and, most importantly, create well-paying jobs for middle class Americans.



A robust manufacturing sector is the engine of a thriving economy and a healthy middle class. To revitalize our manufacturing sector, we must create an environment that encourages businesses to create jobs here instead of overseas. By lowering energy costs on manufacturers through expanded domestic energy production, reducing regulatory burdens, and reforming our out-of-date tax structure, we can ensure that America remains the best place to do business in an advanced, global economy.

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