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Now more than ever, preserving our status as the world’s leading manufacturing economy is vital to restoring our thriving middle class. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States was seeing economic growth that is rarely achieved by developed economies. With our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit, we will regain that bright economic future.

Illinois is a leader in manufacturing, employing hundreds of thousands of people and accounting for around $100 billion in output for the state.

While the Coronavirus virus pandemic has shown weaknesses in the manufacturing sector, I remain committed to looking for bold paths forward to address these challenges head on. That is why I am working to develop the MADE in the Americas Act. This unique legislation looks to address many of the weaknesses we found in our supply chains as a result of the coronavirus pandemic by incentivizing manufacturers to move their companies back to the United States or to our neighboring countries. By dispersing many of the concentrated supply chains in China, we can help ensure that future global events do not disrupt our manufacturing sector at home.

Additionally, I introduced the Protecting American Space Assets Act (H.R. 6208), which directs the President to develop a strategy to shore up the U.S. space industry by increasing protections for the space manufacturing sector and launch facilities.

Congress must continue to support our nation’s manufacturing sector by expanding domestic energy production to lower utility costs and increase the international competitiveness of American manufacturers. Also, by simplifying our tax code we’ve empowered manufacturers to invest in their employees, in new infrastructure, and in new technology.

To stay up to date on the issues that matter most to manufacturers in the 16th Congressional District, I meet regularly with my Manufacturing Advisory Committee to hear directly from local leaders in the industry. I also support and advocate for technical training programs and apprenticeships that can inspire and encourage the next generation to pursue a manufacturing career.

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