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Ottawa Times: LETTER: Event was to honor, not campaign

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LASALLE, IL, August 28, 2018 | comments
Letter to the Editor by Steve Malo of LaSalle, IL
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To the editor:

As a father of a son serving in the United States Armed Forces, I could not be prouder of him. Every man and woman who signs up to serve their country is willing to give their country the ultimate sacrifice. It takes a special person to make that commitment.


Our local Representative, Congressman Adam Kinzinger served his country in the United State Air Force. I respect his service. I also respect the event I read about in The Times about a vet accommodation ceremony. Too often we forget the great sacrifices our service members give. It was nice that Kinzinger honored their service. The article also mentioned that Kinzinger’s opponent showed up to the event. That’s pretty strange she would do such a thing. This was an event to honor veterans and not go around campaigning. Maybe she was in need of attention that day or maybe she just doesn’t get it. Either way, thank you to those individuals honored at the event, thank you to Mr. Kinzinger for his service and for putting it on, and thank you to all of those that have and are serving and protecting our country.

Steve Malo

La Salle

The original article can be found on the Ottawa Times website here.
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