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Congressman Kinzinger Speaks on Born Alive Protections

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Washington, March 13, 2019 | Maura Gillespie (2022253635) | comments
House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), along with House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01), House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (WY-AL), and Reps. Ben Cline (VA-06), Adam Kinzinger (IL-16), Chris Smith (NJ-04), and Jackie Walorski (IN-02), joined pro-life activists today to talk about the importance of defending babies born alive after a failed or attempted abortion.
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Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) joined his House Republican colleagues in a press conference urging Democratic leadership to allow a vote on the Born Alive protections. The proposal would protect babies who survive abortion and provide them with the same medical care that any other premature baby would receive. Yesterday, the Democrats blocked the proposed legislation—for the 17th time—from coming before the House for a vote.

Joining the Congressman and House Republican leaders at the press conference this morning was Jill Stanek, an Illinois nurse and pro-life advocate who has witnessed the devastating realities of these pro-abortion laws. The Illinois legislature is currently debating two abortion bills, similar to the extreme pro-abortion agendas in New York and Virginia.

The Congressman’s remarks as written from today’s press conference can be found on his website and transcribed here below:

“As my colleagues have mentioned already, yesterday marked the 17th time in just over a month that Democrats have blocked legislation that would protect babies who survive abortion.

“This is a common-sense proposal that should not be controversial: provide babies who survive abortion with the same medical care that any other premature baby would receive. 

“There seems to be a new level of alarming rhetoric coming from those who choose not to protect innocent babies who cannot speak for themselves. But keep in mind,

abortions after 20 weeks are banned in all but seven countries in the world. To name a few who allow it: North Korea, China, and the United States.

“We have seen extreme abortion agendas from states like New York and Virginia that essentially allow for abortion-on-demand and remove protections for infants born alive during an abortion procedure. Several other states seem to be following in their footsteps, with some proposing to approve third trimester abortions and removing other reasonable restrictions.

The legislature in my home state of Illinois is now debating two of its own abortion bills, both of which seem just as extreme, if not worse as they would:

-       Allow nurses and physician assistants to perform surgical abortions;

-       End parent notification;

-       Require private health insurance companies to provide coverage for abortions;

-       And eliminate restrictions on late-term abortions.

“These proposals in Illinois and across the country are deeply concerning. This issue should not be partisan. All babies, including those who survive abortion, should be treated with the exact same degree of medical attention – end of story.

“I’d now like to turn it over to my fellow Illinoisan, Jill Stanek, who was kind enough to join us here in Washington, D.C. today. Jill has firsthand experience as a nurse, personally witnessing the devastating pro-abortion policies we’re talking about. She can speak to the severity of these extreme abortion measures being proposed, and joins our call for born-alive protections.”

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