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Morris Herald-News: Kinzinger questions Turkey's partnership with NATO alliance

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MORRIS, IL, October 17, 2019 | comments

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Channahon Republcan, co-sponsored legislation introduced into the House of Representatives Wednesday that would require a formal review of the relationship between the United States and Turkey.

The United States-Turkey Relations Review Act of 2019 would direct the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, Director of National Intelligence, and Secretary of Energy, to address and assess whether Turkey has met its duties and obligations with the NATO alliance.

“What’s happening in Northern Syria right now is devastating. We’ve abandoned our Kurdish allies who have sacrificed their lives to fight ISIS, and now President Erdogan has unleashed an assault on the Kurdish people—it is reprehensible and inhumane," Kinzinger said in a release issued Tuesday afternoon.

Kinzinger co-sponsored the legislation with Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI).

Kinzinger said the bipartisan legislation is evermore critical as Turkey advances into Northern Syria with plans of destroying the Kurdish people through ethnic cleansing.

“If Erdogan doesn’t want to act like a leader of a NATO nation, we should not treat him like one. Far too many lives have been taken by Assad, Putin, and Khamenei, and the United States should not stand idly by as Erdogan joins this list of murderous thugs," Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger has been critical of President Donald Trump since the president pulled U.S. military support from Syria last week.

"How is reconstituting ISIS, abandoning the Kurds, and green lighting a slaughter by the Turks not our concern?" Kinzinger tweeted Wednesday in response to a press conference held by Trump, where the president said staying in the region was not in the interest of the United States.

The original article can be found on the Morris Herald-News website here.
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