Kinzinger Op-Ed to Save Our Nuclear Fleet

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Washington, January 28, 2020 | Maura Gillespie (202-225-3635) | comments
This week, an op-ed penned by Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) was published in the Peoria Journal Star.
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Washington, DC – This week, an op-ed penned by Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) was published in the Peoria Journal Star. With four nuclear plants located in the 16th Congressional District he represents, Congressman Kinzinger understands how important it is to make sure our nuclear fleet continues to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy for his constituents and families across the country.

Below is an excerpt from the op-ed and links to the full piece are provided at the end.

“Saving Our Nuclear Fleet Starts in Springfield”

| By: Adam Kinzinger | January 27, 2020 | PJ Star |

“When you think of nuclear power, you might think of radioactive materials, expensive equipment or dangerous emissions. On the contrary, nuclear power produces no greenhouse emissions and has an incredible track record on safety with low operating costs. Nuclear power generates 20% of our nation’s electricity, and in Illinois, 11 operating nuclear reactors — including eight in the 16th Congressional District — provide 88% of the state’s emission-free electricity.

“I’m proud to represent these nuclear power plants because they provide clean, reliable energy and create good jobs that strengthen our communities. Simply put, nuclear energy is essential to our proud Prairie State.

 “Yet the outlook for Illinois’ nuclear power fleet is looking grim. The financial viability of each generation station is in serious jeopardy due to several factors. Special interests, market forces, overly-burdensome regulations, and sadly, outright public corruption have, over time, created a growing resistance to nuclear power and hampered any sort of state-level solution.

“Today, America is the world’s largest oil producer. And while it’s great to see the natural gas boom happening across the country, it’s producing more harmful emissions and putting economic stress on nuclear plants. The state-enacted subsidies for specific technologies such as wind and solar add to those stresses. We can and should support energy diversity, but not at the expense of our nuclear fleet.

“When it comes to nuclear in Illinois, we are at a crossroads. If swift and decisive action is not taken in Springfield, there will be disastrous consequences — and here’s why.

“Illinois is home to wind farms, solar farms, hydropower units, geothermal sources and renewable fuel plants. The Land of Lincoln serves as a perfect working example of a diverse, all-of-the-above approach to energy production, and as I serve in Congress, it’s what I seek to replicate where possible on a national scale. 

“Included in this mix of energy resources is our nuclear power plants, which serve as Illinois’ most abundant and reliable power source. When I visit schools in Byron or talk to constituents who’ve made their careers as control room operators or engineers at LaSalle Station, I’m able to see the incredible legacy of this technology continue to thrive.

“Communities, like the ones I represent, are strengthened by the nuclear operating stations far beyond the energy diversity they provide.”

Please visit the PJ Star website here to read the entire op-ed. The full piece on ‘Saving Our Nuclear Fleet’ can also be found on the Congressman’s website here along with his other op-eds over the years.

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