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WLPO Radio: Rep. Kinzinger Targeting Social Media Scams in New Legislation

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OGLESBY, IL, April 25, 2020 | comments

Have you or someone you know been duped by a social media scam?  Congressman Adam Kinzinger is going after the scammers and the platforms that allow them to run wild.

The Republican has introduced two bills in Congress that he says will hold social media scam artists more accountable and require companies hosting the social media pages to take more responsibility with user protections.  Kinzinger says he has experienced people using his pictures on social media for scams. 

One of his proposed laws requires social media companies to be more aggressive in investigating complaints about deceptive accounts or other fraudulent activity.  The second bill goes after the scammer themselves, creating criminal penalties for their behavior on social media. 

(The bills are H.R. 6586 and H.R. 6587)

The original article can be found on the WLPO Classic Rock website here.
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