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Kinzinger Leads Provisions in China Task Force Report

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Washington, DC, September 30, 2020 | Maura Gillespie (202-225-3635) | comments
Today, after months of work, the House-led China Task Force (CTF) unveiled its final, comprehensive report on the threats by China and solutions to addressing the vulnerabilities America faces.
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WASHINGTON, DC – Today, after months of work, the House-led China Task Force (CTF) unveiled its final, comprehensive report on the threats by China and solutions to addressing the vulnerabilities America faces. As a leading member on the task force, chairing two of the six task force pillars, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) had several of his own provisions included in the final report, which includes more than 400 recommendations after engaging with more than 130 leaders.

While the task force was intended to be bipartisan, Democrats in the House chose not to participate. Still, two-thirds of the bills included in the report are bipartisan and one-third of the bills have previously passed either the House or Senate. Of note, the report includes action items that would counter America’s reliance on China by calling for the United States to work towards a bilateral free-trade agreement with Taiwan, instituting a foreign investment blacklist of foreign countries of concern (like the People’s Republic of China) to require heightened scrutiny, ensuring Chinese companies are held to the same financial disclosure standards as American companies listed on the U.S. stock exchanges, and limiting the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) from investing in certain Chinese companies.

The report also covers issues that threaten the fabric of our nation, like issues of human rights violations, by calling on the Administration to evaluate whether the crimes against humanity in Xinjiang committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) amount to genocide and by providing a safe harbor for Hong Kong refugees. This latter provision is one that Congressman Kinzinger championed through his legislation, the Hong Kong’s People Freedom and Choice Act.

This report is a comprehensive look at the CCP and the long-term threat America faces every day from technology attacks to supply-chain shortcomings to stolen intellectual property (IP). An overview of the China Task Force can be found in the attached PDF while the entire report can be found here, and the Congressman’s full statement on today’s release is below:

As Congressman Kinzinger notes, the work of the CTF will continue, and for the Congressman’s part, he is currently crafting another piece of legislation that would provide incentives to American companies operating in countries with concentrated supply chains, like the PRC, to move their manufacturing to the United States or other countries in the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, the legislation would establish within the Department of Commerce the Office of Manufacturing Resilience to incentivize flexible and convertible manufacturing here in the United States.

The Congressman’s bill, the MADE in the Americas Act, would also require the President to prioritize and expedite Free Trade Agreements between the United States and Latin American markets. By strengthening the supply chains, lowering our risk to market distribution, and fostering trade between likeminded nations, the United States could secure the global economy for our children and grandchildren, and this is a major priority for the Congressman.



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H.R. 6208, the Protecting American Space Assets Act

H.R. 6942, the Internet Application Integrity and Disclosure Act

H.R. 7360, the Wireless Resiliency and Flexible Investment Act

H.R. 7406, the Nuclear Licensing Efficiency Act

H.R. 7428, the Hong Kong’s People Freedom and Choice Act

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