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The Hill: Kinzinger slams Gaetz speech: 'This is why we need a January 6 commission'

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Washington, D.C., May 28, 2021 | comments
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) on Friday slammed Rep. Matt Gaetz's (R-Fla.) rhetoric in response to a speech the Florida congressman gave encouraging Americans to use their Second Amendment rights.

Kinzinger condemned his fellow GOP lawmaker, saying that his comments are "why we need a January 6 commission."

"Four months after an insurrection at the Capitol, we’re hearing this language at another rally where so-called 'leaders' are stoking fears & anger and inciting violence," the Illinois congressman tweeted in response to a clip of Gaetz's speech at a Georgia stop on his "America First Tour."

In the clip, Gaetz is seen addressing a crowd of supporters and knocks "cancel culture" as well as Silicon Valley. He then turns to defending the Second Amendment, which covers the right to bear arms.

"The internet's hall monitors out in Silicon Valley, they think they can suppress us, discourage us. Maybe if you're just a little less patriotic. Maybe if you just conform to their way of thinking a little more you'll be allowed to participate in the digital world," he said. "Well you know what, Silicon Valley can't cancel this movement or this rally or this congressman. We have a Second Amendment in this country, and I think we have an obligation to use it."

“This is a little history lesson for all the fake news media. The Second Amendment is not about hunting, it’s not about recreation, it’s not about sports. The Second Amendment is about maintaining within the citizenry the ability to maintain an armed rebellion against the government, if that becomes necessary,” Gaetz continued. “I hope that never does, but it sure is important to recognize the founding principles of this nation and make sure they are fully understood.”

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) on Thursday called for Gaetz's removal from the House Judiciary Committee, citing his rhetoric as cause for concern.

"Dear @GOPLeader: You need to remove Rep Matt Gaetz from the House Judiciary Committee. It’s a conflict of interest for Gaetz to have oversight over the DOJ that is investigating him for sex crimes," he tweeted. "Also, Gaetz is urging people to shoot Silicon Valley employees."

Gaetz on Friday tweeted he stands "by every word" of the speech. However, he pushed back on "distorted" context.

Lawmakers on Friday agreed to vote on a bill that would create a commission to probe the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, in which thousands of supporters of former President Trump stormed the Capitol in an effort to stop the Electoral College certification for the 2020 presidential election.

The original article can be found on The Hill website here.

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