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RealClear Politics: Kinzinger: It's A "Mistake" For House Republican Leadership To Whip Votes Against Infrastructure Bill

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Washington, DC, September 25, 2021 | comments
Congressman Kinzinger joined CNN's Jim Sciutto to discuss the ongoing infrastructure negotiations and the national debt limit:

JIM SCIUTTO: OK, let's move on to infrastructure.

"Axios" is reporting this morning that House Republican Whip Steve Scalise told Republicans, GOP -- the GOP's officially whipping against it, encouraging their members to vote against it.

It's got bipartisan support, as you know. It passed the Senate with, what, I think 19 Republican votes. Why? Why is the GOP in the House working against this? Is that a mistake?

REP. ADAM KINZINGER: I -- well, I do think it's a mistake. I think we need to allow members to vote on a bipartisan bill as they wish. My intention is to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

There is concern, of course, with what you're seeing on the Democratic side, where the progressives are saying we have to pass the $3.5 trillion before we can even talk about this $1.5 trillion.


KINZINGER: I mean, really, the infighting right now, the focus is on the Democratic side between the moderates and the progressives. I think, on our side, though, yes, look, members of the Republicans want to vote for the bipartisan bill. You shouldn't whip against it. I intend to vote for it and I think there will be a number of people joining me as well. 

The original article and video of the CNN interview can be found on the RealClear Politics website here.

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