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The Pantagraph: LETTER: Kinzinger shows character, courage

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BLOOMINGTON, IL, November 3, 2021 | comments

While I understand his decision to do so, it is regretful that Rep. Adam Kinzinger has chosen to retire from the U.S. Congress.


Now, rather than having the opportunity to vote for a conservative who, history will note, has demonstrated great courage and principled commitment to the U.S. Constitution, Republicans will be limited to voting for a “party hack,” -- "a member of a political party who is not particularly brilliant but who can be relied upon for loyalty.”


In this case, the party hack’s loyalty will be to a corrupt demagogue who continues to perpetuate lies, hatred, and division that undermine our children’s opportunity to live in a democratic society. Why? Because that’s what the party hack thinks is necessary to get elected. It’s disgusting and disgraceful.

Thank you, Rep. Kinzinger, for demonstrating that moral character and courage still exist.


Joe White, Bloomington

The original letter to the editor can be found on The Pantagraph website here.
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