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01/27/2020:      Peoria Journal StarKinzinger: Saving Our Nuclear Fleet Starts in Springfield

03/04/2020:      Fox News – Reps. Adam Kinzinger & Brendan Boyle: The world must wake up to the genocide in Syria

07/20/2020:      Medium Pushing Back on China Requires BOLD Action—And Now!

08/01/2020:      Roll CallKinzinger, Joyce: Communist China puts our technology and safety at risk every day

08/10/2020:      Sauk ValleyLetter from U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Great American Outdoors Act ‘a huge win for public lands’

09/08/2020:      MediumQAnon Has No Place in Congress


01/20/2019:        Rockford Register StarMY VIEW: Civility now! We need to tone it down.

01/26/2019:        Air Force TimesAir Guard decision undermines Trump’s border security priorities

03/22/2019:        Fox NewsRep. Adam Kinzinger: John McCain’s life will be seen as a testament to the strength of the American character

05/01/2019:        Fox NewsRep. Adam Kinzinger: Venezuelan people need US support as they seek freedom

05/13/2019:        Washington ExaminerRep. Adam Kinzinger: Military appreciation means leaving no one, active duty or veteran, behind

05/29/2019:        Roll CallTogether on the front lines: How the US and UN are promoting stability in Lebanon

06/21/2019:        Fox NewsRep. Adam Kinzinger: Iran has crossed a line—Here’s how US can respond forcefully without starting a war

08/05/2019:        MediumUnited Against Hate—How We Can Sensible Address Gun Violence

09/13/2019:        Fox NewsRep. Adam Kinzinger: I’m an Air Force veteran—Here’s the real truth about the Trump Turnberry stopover

11/11/2019:        The Ripon Forum“We Must Ensure Our Veterans Know They Are Not Alone”


01/09/2018:        Salvation Army Blog“How One Illinois Congressman is Fighting Human Trafficking”

01/28/2018:        The Washington TimesThe 5th Domain: Cyber defense needed in the 21st Century

03/16/2018:        Fox NewsRep. Adam Kinzinger: It’s for the US to lead on Syria. Failure to act is failure by all of us.

05/30/2018:        Roll Call“Liberia, the Latest Success Story of UN Peacekeepers”

06/15/2018:        The Hill“Singapore Summit a cause for optimism, however we must remain vigilant and show strength against Kim”

06/30/2018:        Illinois Country Living MagazineCommentary (PG4) “Morning in America”

07/28/2018:        Rockford Register StarMy View: Education is a critical opportunity

08/24/2018:        CNNIn Syria, is the worst yet to come?

                                ^ joint op-ed with SE Cupp, Rep. Brendan Boyle, Suzanne Meriden (Syrian Amer. Council)

09/08/2018:        Rockford Register StarMY VIEW: McCain a testament to the strength of American character

09/14/2018:        Defense OneWe Need a Strategy in Syria

10/17/2018:        Sauk Valley NewsWorking to harvest a better deal

                                ^ joint by Reps. Adam Kinzinger& Rodney Davis


01/27/2017:        The Hill“Strong U.S. leadership needed in Syria, not political stunts like Gabbard’s visit”

01/29/2017:        MediumNational Security is Paramount

02/01/2017:        Crain’s Chicago Business Rep. Kinzinger: Trump immigration order cause for grave concern

02/17/2017:        Rockford Register StarMy View: It’s time for us to move forward

02/22/2017:        Medium“It’s time to move forward.”

03/10/2017:        Medium“Leave No Man Behind”

03/15/2017:        The Hill – “Where hunger is a weapon of war, food fights back”

03/31/2017:        New York Times – “How the Freedom Caucus is Undermining the GOP”

04/17/2017:        NEMA Magazine“Energy Efficiency Equals Jobs for Our Future”

08/05/2017:        Chicago Sun-TimesKinzinger: Why nuclear energy is the future in Illinois and globally

08/11/2017:        Washington ExaminerRep. Adam Kinzinger: The North Korean threat is real, but the hysteria is unnecessary

09/29/2017:        Fox NewsRep. Kinzinger: “Syria continues to suffer from Assad”

10/30/2017:        Rockford Register StarMy view: The time is now to act on opioid crisis


01/21/2016:        MediumWhat Our Angry Voices Teach the Next Generation

02/01/2016:        The Ripon Society“The Challenge of Our Time”

03/09/2016:        MediumThe Path to Peace Needs Leadership

03/15/2016:        Fox NewsRep. Kinzinger: After 5 years of war, it’s time for decisive American leadership in Syria

04/18/2016:        MediumHere’s Why H.R. 2666 Matters

05/06/2016:        MediumIsolation is Not an Option

05/18/2016:        CNN“The pitfalls of a narcissistic foreign policy”

06/10/2016:        Townhall“Home Sweet Home, A Mission to Empower”

06/24/2016:        MediumBarack Obama: The Catalyst for Brexit

09/09/2016:        House GOP Blog – shortened version of Medium post, “Fifteen Years”

09/11/2016:        MediumFifteen Years

09/30/2016:        Fox NewsRep. Kinzinger: Syria is not your political football, Mr. President

10/07/2016:        MediumIt’s Not Too Late to Act in Syria

10/15/2016:        Rockford Register StarMy View: Building from the ground up

11/08/2016:        The Hill“Why the future of Afghanistan still matters”

11/10/2016:        Morris Daily Herald“Combating opioid epidemic with life-saving law”

12/29/2016:        Fox NewsRep. Kinzinger: Memo to Obama and Kerry -- We NEED Israel


02/07/2015:        The State-Journal RegisterAdam Kinzinger and Cheri Bustos: Illinois’ role as a nuclear leader is in jeopardy

10/07/2015:        Crain’s Chicago Business“Profiteers hijack the conservative message”

11/11/2015:        The Gilman Star“A Veteran’s Day Message”

12/14/2015:        Fox News“President must stop limiting our military in fight to destroy ISIS”


02/13/2014:        The Hill“UN peacekeeping: A key U.S. foreign policy tool”

03/12/2014:        The Hill“We must continue to lead in nuclear”

03/24/2014:        Chicago Sun-TimesAdam Kinzinger and Ajit Pai: Train kids better for digital-age jobs

04/16/2014:        Crain’s Chicago Business“It’s time to build on Illinois’ nuclear-energy legacy”

11/18/2014:        Crain’s Chicago Business“Need reasons to keep the U.S. a nuclear power leader? Here are 123.”


02/28/2013:        Rockford Register StarRep. Adam Kinzinger: Forbes’ opinion of Rockford is ridiculous

03/10/2013:        PoliticoReps. Schock, Kinzinger, Herrera-Beutler, McMorris Rodgers: Millennials fight for future with own war on debt

05/08/2013:        The Hill“Illinois leading the way in nuclear”

06/18/2013:        Rockford Register StarMy View: Illinois needs leadership to fix its fiscal woes

07/17/2013:        The Hill‘Zero Option’ in Afghanistan is not an option


04/30/2012:        Kankakee Daily Journal“High gas prices and high unemployment”

05/26/2012:        Kankakee Daily Journal“Make Memorial Day meaningful by finding work for today’s veterans”


03/18/2011:        Fighting to Tighten Washington's Belt

-          https://kinzinger.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398728

04/06/2011:        Washington Examiner – COLUMN: Capping the EPA’s backdoor energy tax

-          https://kinzinger.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398727

05/18/2011:        The Hill – Column: Holding the President accountable to commitments made over

Medicare Discussions

-          https://kinzinger.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398726

08/09/2011:        Air Force Times – COLUMN: New flight suit is not safety issue

-          https://kinzinger.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398729  

09/22/2011:        PoliticoFood Study Mirrors Wasteful Fed

11/16/2011:        The Hill – COLUMN: A goal we should all share: A 21st Century FCC

-          https://kinzinger.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398731

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